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This particular brand was recommended to me by a health guru and author/expert on clay. It is the only brand he will use. He drinks it, but I buy veggie caps and capsule the powder to save money. I bought the Capsule Machine and the caps from Amazon. Bottom line: I have tried every thing possible from PT, supplements, minerals and enzymes to heal a 2 plus y/o knee injury. This helped me substantially. For the first time in over 2 years, I can climb stairs without favoring the "bad leg". It is less reactive to activity and I have much more stamina and endurance with walking and using me knee. The sulphur must have softened up my plica/tissue and some how helped it though my knee is still swollen. It also knocked out my nightly horrid achilles pain on my other leg from a subsequent accident! Yippee! My red face in the cheeks disappeared probably within 2 days plus I now have fingernails. They would NEVER grow before. My nail beds are also very pink on hands and feet meaning my circulation has improved. Plus my hair is thicker. I lost 10 pounds from being more mobile. I currently take about 14 grams per day to try and fix my knee. Taking it in capsules is not as effective as drinking it. The manufacturer even states this on their website. Drinking it is MAJOR because it gets into your bloodstream quickly and you will feel the effects. After vomiting a few times and herxing terribly, I started the capsules. It has helped me, but I know that the swish/drinking method is by far the most effective. Be prepared ladies that this can increase your libido. I discovered this when I accidentally took 4 extra grams daily for a few days. Yikes! I finally know what it is like to be a man. I also had other herx effects from the general detoxing process along the way like with mood. It also helped alot wity facial pain from my TMJ. I took the opportunity to eat everything crunchy I could dream of for a week but then it caught up to me. Lol. This brand is pure ofcourse and at a reasonable price. I am not cured as I can feel an immediate decline in my knee when I lower my dose. If I do have to have surgery, the MSM will get me through the scarring process. There are people who drink up to three to five tablespoons of pure horse MSM daily. There is now a kindle book about this method written by Jim someone (Jim Clarke?). He is a fanatic. U can find him on the yahoo coconut oil forum where he talks about this method. He introduced me to MSM when he found me on the clay group and I owe him big time!!!!!!! I tell everyone I know about MSM. Also, I read a book about MSM and pain control on my Kindle and it states people are not actually allergic to the sulphur but to something else... Cannot recall. Google it.- Sublime