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Where Is Your MSM Made?

Where your MSM is made says a lot about it.  The great majority of the cheap MSM on the market in North America, Europe, and Australia comes from China.  Chinese manufactured MSM will account for much of what you will find on store shelves, where high sticker prices turn away casual buyers who don’t research the difference.  Chinese-made MSM, however, is generally not distilled but uses a crystallization process that traps contaminants.  Either way, it suffers from lower purity levels, a higher presence of unwanted chemicals left from the manufacturing process, and a higher water content, which leads to decomposition and increased contamination.  Chinese and other third-world factories undergo few of the health and safety inspections and safeguards (“Good Manufacturing Practice” or GMP) that certified western manufacturers are obliged to follow.  They also frequently use lower quality raw materials to save costs.

A consumer who cares about quality MSM should look for a product made in a dedicated FDA or EU certified cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant facility.  Choosing an MSM made in a dedicated facility minimizes the risk of the product being contaminated by chemicals, such as benzene, toluene, or pesticides that may be left over from other products that share the same facility.  Look for an MSM that has an FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) certification.  If you maintain kosher or halal, the better brands are generally inspected and certified by the appropriate religious authorities.  Responsible manufacturers will also seek third-party testing for their finished products.  These safeguards will ensure that each batch made is put through extensive analytics to ensure the absence of lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum, mercury, and microbes.  This will be topped off with four tests that will establish purity, melting point (important to verify quality), water content (low water content is essential for stability), and freedom from residual DMSO.

Currently, the US brands OptiMSM® and PurforMSM®, produced by Bergstrom Nutrition in a plant dedicated solely to the manufacture of MSM, are the only commercial MSM brands in the world whose manufacturing processes meets all of these stringent requirements. Any other US or Canadian-produced MSM is made in a chemical plant that manufactures many other chemicals.  Always look for the OptiMSM or PurforMSM logo on the MSM product that you buy. It is the only way you can be guaranteed to use pure, unadulterated MSM free of any contaminants.